Tape Worm

by Talking Mountain



This was a very limited cassette release we made for the I'm Drinkin' This tape label that existed in Omaha for a few years, run by our friends Aaron Haug and Brent LaRue.

At this point in time, the band was me (Jason) and Daniel Lehmann. In Her Wrist, It's Pretty Cool (which later became "Screaming into the Witches Cauldron") and New Boat (Demo) were recorded by us.

New Saw did eventually become an actual Talking Mountain song, and was included on our Nature of Magic album. However, the version here was actually recorded by me when I was calling my musical endeavors Roarbot and is from the album, "Rainbow Shnerbert/Pesky Burgers" which may or may not ever see the light of day.

We could not have made more than about 50 of these originally. Each one had a unique hand-drawn label and came in a cloth sleeve that could conveniently hold an iPod if there wasn't a cassette in it. There are two different versions of the sleeve.

*01/05/2009 is probably the date this came out. We played a show at the PS Collective on that date.


released January 5, 2009

Jason Meyer, Daniel Lehmann
Originally released by I'm Drinkin' This.



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