Realistic Feel EP

by Talking Mountain



This is one song from a forthcoming Talking Mountain release.

Also included:

-The original demo for that song (which I thought was interesting because it really didn't change much).

- One of several original demos for High Five (My Friends Who Are Alive). This one is almost completely programmed on a computer, which was something that I had never done before (I would usually only program drums) and will never do again.

- A version of the Bradley Unit song, It's Happening Now, with additional lyrics and instrumentation by me. The lyrics ended up becoming part of the song, I Planted My Fingers Deep in the Land.

- A demo of the Bradley Unit song, Track Shoes, with choruses and a different chord progression by me. I wish we had gotten around to fleshing this one out a little more.

- A slowed down version of a different version of Realistic Feel that is meant to be played in the background while you do dishes or sit by a tree.


released December 18, 2012

These songs were written and recorded by Jason Meyer in Omaha, NE except where noted in the above description.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Realistic Feel
Sometimes the easy decision is the hardest path to take.
Sometimes the love from your friends will outweigh any enemy you make.
Sometimes it's hard to think straight when it seems like everything is at stake.
Sometimes the life that you'll live will make up for the promise you break.
I'm alright, this is real, I have realistic feel.
Sometimes a piece of wood gets under your skin and it's hard to get it out.
Sometimes the wind blows real hard and a tree falls and crushes your house.
I stood next to a lake with no name and thought I saw two moons.
You looked over at me and said, "I think I can see it too."
I'm alright, this is real, I have realistic feel.
I have realistic feel, I feel realistic.