Mysterious Knowledge​/​Unknown Colors

by Talking Mountain



Talking Mountain was just me once, and I made a bunch of home recordings by myself, with a few friends here and there, over a period of four or five years. Some of those recordings became the album Old Gold/Ancient Jamz (2007).

Talking Mountain became a band shortly after that, and we made the album Nature of Magic/Magic of Nature (2010) together, and played shows throughout the Midwest for a few years. We even went beyond taking it medium serious for a little while, played some big shows, hired a publicist, and spent/lost a lot of money.

As these sorts of things often do, this band version of Talking Mountain lost its way and disbanded. Simultaneously, I was losing my way in my own life as my marriage fell apart and I dug into drug experimentation. I wasn't going to make any more music, but after playing a quiet, intimate acoustic show with no microphones or amplification to a room full of polite, seated guests in a venue that generally would not host something like that, I was inspired enough to make another album.

This album is a collection of songs about losing things, things like friends, wives, lives, hope...

These songs are also about gaining things, things like new love, clarity, perspective, hope...

I haven't changed, I'm still me. The weight of existence is heavy. It's difficult to talk and sing about, and it's hard to draw. These songs are fuzzy, but they are also clear. They are transparent, at least to me, and I hope you enjoy them.



released March 26, 2013

Mastered by Darren Keen/Touch People



all rights reserved


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