Am I a Water Bubble? EP

by Talking Mountain



This is the second single from the forthcoming Talking Mountain album, "Mysterious Knowledge/Unknown Colors" that will be released on March 26, 2013.

Included are the song, a bare bones demo I recorded on my iPhone, and a second demo recorded on a computer with different words. A slowed down version of the song that is meant to be listened to while folding laundry or sitting by a tree is included for the patient listener.


released February 19, 2013

These songs were written and performed by Jason Meyer in Omaha, NE.

Photo: Missy Magnuson. Taken at the Aquadome in Kirksville, MO.



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Track Name: Am I a Water Bubble? (How Do I know?)
Am I a water bubble orbiting a needle in a false atmosphere above the sky? Do I spiral wildly? Do I circle calmly? Does the friction slow me? Do I stop? Is my laugh meaningless? Who do I ask and how do I know that what they tell me is real? Are we birds whose wings are golden? Our priceless feathers molting? How high can we get, but stay down here? If we get too close to the sun, will our wings come undone? Will we float, gently, back home? Are our lives meaningless? Who do we ask, and how do we know that what they tell us is real? Will we be forgotten when we're gone and rotten? Who will hold us when we go? "I don't know."